A Land of their Own

                “Every Filipino should have a piece of property that they can call their own.”
                Quezon City Rep. Winston “Winnie” Castelo has been a public servant for fifteen years. 
                Having served as councilor for four terms before being elected to office as the candidate of the Liberal Party (LP), he has made it his mission to help his constituents through housing programs and security of tenure.
                He authored House Bill No. 2907 which mandates at least ten per cent of government-owned lands that are to be sold for development purposes be segregated for socialized housing projects. He also authored House Bill No. 1231, the Omnibus Housing and Urban Development Act.
                He serves the city’s second district, the biggest and most populous in the country with 30 barangays home to 1,559,641 residents.
                However, not all residents are aware of the congressman’s housing programs.
                Avie, a pharmacy assistant from Fairview, says she has not heard of these housing programs for the poor.
                “Saang site ‘yun? Saang area? Hindi ko rin alam,” she asks.
                She adds that she wants to see programs that help the poor get off the streets, especially children.
                A security guard from Batasan Hills says that he is aware of Castelo’s housing programs and has seen improvements in his area. 
                He says he is more familiar with the congressman’s waiting sheds project, however, but is glad to see progress in his neighborhood nonetheless.
                There is optimism and hope among the residents of Quezon City, and many of them have ideas on what they want to see in their districts.
                At the forefront of these are alleviating property and getting proper housing; residents want proper housing so they can live better lives.
                Castelo’s Buhay at Bahay program is centered on strengthening livelihood and housing security for those who wish to improve their lives.
                With the first 100 days of the new administration already gone, Rep. Castelo has to hasten his efforts if he is to fulfil his promises of providing suitable housing for his constituents.
                In August of 1995, Rep. Castelo was shot while trying to prevent a demolition in Brgy. Pasong Tamo. Today, he is the man trying to build the dreams for the impoverished residents of Quezon City so that people like Avie can live the life that they deserve.

Photo taken from: http://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Winnie-Castelo/128488097184677